31 October 2020

We are a group of former officers of the All India and Central Services who have worked with the Central and State Governments in different capacities. We have come together as a group known as the Constitutional Conduct Group (CCG). This group does not support any political party but believes in impartiality, neutrality and commitment to the Constitution of India.

In the normal course, when we observe a flagrant violation of the principles embodied in the Constitution, we write letters or make open statements pointing this out to the concerned governments and to constitutional/statutory bodies. However, upholding the principles of the Constitution is not a function of governments alone. All of us, as individual citizens as well as members of various organisations in the country – social, political, professional or business – have a duty to uphold the values enshrined in the Constitution and to follow these principles both in our work as well as in our personal lives. Unfortunately, in recent times, we see growing discord and distrust among the people of the country and a steady erosion of democratic values with long term consequences for everyone.  

Today, we are addressing this open letter not to the government but to an equally important segment of society, viz. the various companies, business houses and corporates in the country. These entities, responsible for wealth creation in the country, have not, we believe, been doing their bit in upholding the rights and freedoms spelt out in the Constitution. Sadly, an impression has gained ground that these bodies have preferred to look the other way even as a rising tide of hatred and divisiveness threatens the very foundations of our society.  

Many well-established corporates have shown no hesitation in advertising their products on media channels which have made it a practice to ramp up their viewership by spewing hatred, creating divisions on the basis of religion and caste, manufacturing false narratives and making criminals out of law-abiding people. It is possible that these corporates have not given sufficient thought to how their acts have unwittingly strengthened the forces which divide the nation through deliberate false propaganda.

Our Constitution, as we know, guarantees fundamental rights to each and every one of its citizens.  Article 15 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex and place of birth. It is a matter of concern for all of us that several media channels have gone against this fundamental right on a regular basis and yet receive advertisements from many companies. Channels which communalise the spread of COVID-19, allege that the UPSC has allowed Muslims to ‘infiltrate’ the higher civil services and dub sensitive advertisements about communal harmony as “Love Jihad” are unfortunately patronised by many corporates. Corporates often go by apparently doubtful TRP numbers to decide their policy for advertisements. It is certainly time to look beyond such technical considerations.

Advertising on channels which spread divisiveness is bad not only on moral grounds but bad for business as well. As several economists and social scientists have pointed out, investments tend to wither when there is unrest. And that is, unquestionably, what has been happening in India. India’s investment as a percentage of the nominal GDP has declined from 41.2% in Sept 2011 to 21.4% in June 2020.  Many other growth parameters have been on a downward spiral too. Distrust, fear and uncertainty hurt not just the fabric of society but business as well.

In the midst of this gloom, a few corporates stand out like shining beacons: they have taken a stand against advertising on media channels which foment hatred and disharmony. We commend them for their initiative and courage. We also fervently hope that other corporates will follow their example. To all companies, business houses and corporate bodies we would like to say: let not any of your actions, even inadvertently, help forces that create discord and ill-will amongst our people.  This country and its people deserve better. It is time to show, through both substantive and symbolic acts, that we uphold the principles of our Constitution and are committed to the peace and prosperity of all our citizens.


(95 signatories, as below)

 Anita AgnihotriIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Department of Social Justice Empowerment, GoI
 Salahuddin AhmadIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan
 Shafi AlamIPS (Retd.)Former Director General, National Crime Records Bureau, GoI
 K. Saleem AliIPS (Retd.)Former Special Director, CBI, GoI
 S.P. AmbroseIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Secretary, Ministry of Shipping & Transport, GoI
 G. BalachandhranIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal
 Vappala BalachandranIPS (Retd.)Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GoI
 Gopalan BalagopalIAS (Retd.)Former Special Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal
 Chandrashekhar BalakrishnanIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Coal, GoI
 T.K. BanerjiIAS (Retd.)Former Member, Union Public Service Commission
 Sharad BeharIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
 Aurobindo BeheraIAS (Retd.)Former Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of Odisha
 Madhu BhaduriIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Portugal
 Pradip BhattacharyaIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Chief Secretary, Development & Planning and Administrative Training Institute, Govt. of West Bengal
 Ravi BudhirajaIAS (Retd.)Former Chairman, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, GoI
 Sundar BurraIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra
 R. ChandramohanIAS (Retd.)Former Principal Secretary, Transport and Urban Development, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
 Rachel ChatterjeeIAS (Retd.)Former Special Chief Secretary, Agriculture, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
 Anna DaniIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra
 Vibha Puri DasIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI
 P.R. DasguptaIAS (Retd.)Former Chairman, Food Corporation of India, GoI
 Nareshwar DayalIFS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs and former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
 Pradeep K. DebIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Deptt. Of Sports, GoI
 Nitin DesaiIES (Retd.)Former Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, GoI
 Keshav DesirajuIAS (Retd.)Former Health Secretary, GoI
 M.G. DevasahayamIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Govt. of Haryana
 Sushil DubeyIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Sweden
 K.P. FabianIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Italy
 Arif GhauriIRS (Retd.)Former Governance Adviser, DFID, Govt. of the United Kingdom (on deputation)
 Gourisankar GhoshIAS (Retd.)Former Mission Director, National Drinking Water Mission, GoI
 Suresh K. GoelIFS (Retd.)Former Director General, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, GoI
 S.K. GuhaIAS (Retd.)Former Joint Secretary, Department of Women & Child Development, GoI
 H.S. GujralIFoS (Retd.)Former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Govt. of Punjab
 Meena GuptaIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, GoI
 Ravi Vira GuptaIAS (Retd.)Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India
 Wajahat HabibullahIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, GoI and Chief Information Commissioner
 Sajjad HassanIAS (Retd.)Former Commissioner (Planning), Govt. of Manipur
 Siraj HussainIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Department of Agriculture, GoI
 Kamal JaswalIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Department of Information Technology, GoI
 Najeeb JungIAS (Retd.)Former Lieutenant Governor, Delhi
 Rahul KhullarIAS (Retd.)Former Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
 Ajai KumarIFoS(Retd.)Former Director, Ministry of Agriculture, GoI
 Brijesh KumarIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Department of Information Technology, GoI
 P.K. LahiriIAS (Retd.)Former ED, Asian Development Bank & Former Revenue Secretary, GoI
 Aloke B. LalIPS (Retd.)Former Director General (Prosecution), Govt. of Uttarakhand
 Subodh LalIPoS (Resigned)Former Deputy Director General, Ministry of Communications, GoI
 B.B. MahajanIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Deptt. of Food, GoI
 Harsh ManderIAS (Retd.)Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
 Aditi MehtaIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan  
 Sonalini MirchandaniIFS (Resigned)GoI
 Noor MohammadIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India
 Avinash MohananeyIPS (Retd.)Former Director General of Police, Govt. of Sikkim  
 Deb MukharjiIFS (Retd.)Former High Commissioner to Bangladesh and former Ambassador to Nepal
 Shiv Shankar MukherjeeIFS (Retd.)Former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
 Pranab S. MukhopadhyayIAS (Retd.)Former Director, Institute of Port Management, GoI
 NagalsamyIA&AS (Retd.)Former Principal Accountant General, Tamil Nadu & Kerala
 Sobha NambisanIAS (Retd.)Former Principal Secretary (Planning), Govt. of Karnataka
 P.G.J. NampoothiriIPS (Retd.)Former Director General of Police, Govt. of Gujarat
 P. Joy OommenIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Chhattisgarh
 S.K. PachauriIAS (Retd.)Former Director General, National Productivity Council, GoI
 Amitabha PandeIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Inter-State Council, GoI
 Mira PandeIAS (Retd.)Former State Election Commissioner, West Bengal
 Alok PertiIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Coal, GoI
 R. PoornalingamIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, GoI
 V.P. RajaIAS (Retd.)Former Chairman, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
 K. Sujatha RaoIAS (Retd.)Former Health Secretary, GoI
 M.Y. RaoIAS (Retd.) 
 Satwant ReddyIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, GoI
 Vijaya Latha ReddyIFS (Retd.)Former Deputy National Security Adviser, GoI
 Julio RibeiroIPS (Retd.)Former Adviser to Governor of Punjab & former Ambassador to Romania
 Aruna RoyIAS (Resigned) 
 A.K. SamantaIPS (Retd.)Former Director General of Police (Intelligence), Govt. of West Bengal
 Deepak SananIAS (Retd.)Former Principal Adviser (AR) to Chief Minister, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
 G. SankaranIC&CES (Retd.)Former President, Customs, Excise and Gold (Control) Appellate Tribunal 
 N.C. SaxenaIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Planning Commission, GoI
 A. SelvarajIRS (Retd.)Former Chief Commissioner, Income Tax, Chennai, GoI
 Ardhendu SenIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal
 Abhijit SenguptaIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Culture, GoI
 Aftab SethIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Japan
 Ashok Kumar SharmaIFoS (Retd.)Former MD, State Forest Development Corporation, Govt. of Gujarat
 Ashok Kumar SharmaIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Finland and Estonia    
 Navrekha SharmaIFS (Retd.)Former Ambassador to Indonesia
 Raju SharmaIAS (Retd.)Former Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
 Tirlochan SinghIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, National Commission for Minorities, GoI
 Narendra SisodiaIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Finance, GoI  
 A.K. SrivastavaIAS (Retd.)Former Administrative Member, Madhya Pradesh Administrative Tribunal
 Sanjivi SundarIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, GoI
 Parveen TalhaIRS (Retd.)Former Member, Union Public Service Commission
 Thanksy ThekkekeraIAS (Retd.)Former Additional Chief Secretary, Minorities Development, Govt. of Maharashtra
 P.S.S. ThomasIAS (Retd.)Former Secretary General, National Human Rights Commission
 Geetha ThoopalIRAS (Retd.)Former General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata
 Hindal TyabjiIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Secretary rank, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir
 Jawed UsmaniIAS (Retd.)Former Chief Information Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh
 Ashok VajpeyiIAS (Retd.)Former Chairman, Lalit Kala Akademi
 Ramani VenkatesanIAS (Retd.)Former Director General, YASHADA, Govt. of Maharashtra


  1. Suresh patel

    First of all i would like to say by whom the nomesensense people like u had been selected as ias,ips,ifs wat ever.straight away answer my following qustion
    1) wat do u say abt sahin baag?
    2)Wat do u say abt nrc & caa protest across the country?
    3)Wat do say abt kashmiri pandit who have been raped,murdered,looted and expelled from their own land?
    4)Wat do u say abt love jehad?
    In all the 4 points where is constitution?


  2. Indian Farners

    These all r Corrupt , Fraud Govt. officers who did ayashi on Tax Payers Money during their Hay Days & now want free biooties from Govt. so their Ayashi Continue
    They all are sucker of Congress, Anti National Forces


  3. Parmesh Kumar

    I think, these beaurecrates are corrupt in their service period…. They reacted on an agenda type issue…..if they are right…then react on all social issues


  4. Priyanka Sharma Roy

    These people have proved that how they have worked hard during their service life to destroy the past, present and future of the country under the patronization of their favorite political parties like CONGRESS & CPM.


  5. D. Mitra

    This Group is complete Urban Naxal gang. They are product of USSR espionage mechanism done from 1967 to 1994 , ref. “Mitrokhin Archive” Chapter 17 “Special relation with India” . Where its described, USSR create a Right wing covered Ultra leftist group. Who were prepared to penetrate every single system and institution and politics. But worked behalf of Left Wing. You can see all of the member are retired. Naturally the mechanism run till 1994 maybe some extent 1999. But not beyond that so all the member are belongs to that period. They are the tip of “Urban Naxal” 95 iceberg..


  6. I have read the “open letters” of this CCG. It is abundantly clear this group is driven by specific agenda; they are just opposite to what they claim to be. Its really is a gang out to drive a particular though process which is pro-Muslim, and anti-India.

    It’s mind boggling how these guys who held responsible positions in government would have performed. They have openly biased mindset. I have no sympathy with the CCG, they are bunch of crooks, liars, and deceivers.


  7. Dibakar

    The intolerance at it’s best.
    The most nasty attempt to choke the Voice of Medias who raise the real concerns of Hindus.
    They self employed themselves as a guardian of Constitution and trying to impose their ideology to others

    These people are nothing other than Left Liberal Secular groups whose agenda is to spread Anti Hindu and Anti National propaganda.

    They support Love Jihad by denying the facts…
    They Support Anarchy in the name of Anti CAA protest by not condemning that.
    They support Delhi riots by supporting the main accused behind the Riots…

    And then the claim they are Constitutional Conduct Group. Is it a Joke?

    They are just another face of this Left Liberal Secular Anti National and Anti Hindu who has definite agenda.

    How can someone whoever it be claim themselves as the custodians of Constitution and impose their ideology over others?
    This attempt itself is unconstitutional..

    Shame on these agenda driven anti National and anti Hindu organizations.


  8. Lora roy choudhury

    Wonderful group this ccg, their constant hue and cry against hindus of India, shows what kind of administrators they must have been. We can all see the condition of our country even so many years after independence, no need to elaborate on their efficacy.


  9. Rohit

    The more you people speak, the more citizens know about the rot in bureaucracy. Majority of you owe their loyalty to congress only given that you enjoyed fruits of their power. The government should appoint a independent commission to look into how these officers performed when they were in service and the kind of assault they perpetrated on construction.
    Also stop treating normal citizens as fools. Everybody understands why you are going after certain news channels. In hindsight it seems that had media done it’s job during the past 70 years , we wouldn’t have witnessed such blatant minority appeasement. Showing the truth is not toxicity and hate. People remember who threw stones and assaulted health workers, who were the biggest impediment to lockdown, who gave calls for beheading etc etc


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